supply chain management

Every client has different needs and supply chain management services are provided for designing and/or restructuring supply chains of companies by doing process analysis based on those needs. Additionally, provided services includes management of the process and supervision of all aspects of the operation. In this context, the most suitable solutions are produced for the companies by evaluating the elements such as distribution facilities, transportation modes and routing.

FTL International is an effective solution partner for all supply chain needs of companies. It helps customers to facilitate their operations through strategic planning and implementation of all processes.

In the highly competitive global market, there is no room for value losses in supply chains. For this reason, companies that want to gain competitive advantage need professionally managed supply chains that are flexible, reliable and able to consistently meet the high standards of service worldwide.

FTL International offers its customers reliable, flexible and high standard solutions. Thus, it enables small, medium and large companies to focus their main activities by minimizing the need to invest in logistics resources.